Sending ADA from Yoroi back to the address from which it came (receiving address) but it is not on kraken

I send ADA from my Yoroi to to the same address from which it came which is Kraken, but it has been two days and it has not yet shown up on my Kraken account. The sending transaction was successful and can be found here:

I do not know how to access the ADA that is now on this address… As the ADA came from there, I assumed it was my Kraken address but as it did not yet show up on Kraken I, have no idea where it is and how to get it.

You need to ask kraken.

I suggest you go to your kraken account and then go to “deposit” and select “ada”. You will then see your ada deposit address. Is this not the same as the address you sent to? Normally this is the only safe way to know for sure what address to use when depositing to your kraken account.

This address normally does not change but it can.

If this is not the address you sent your ada too, then create a support ticket and give them your transaction id.