Invalid receive address

I created a new account in Bittrex and a new Yoroi wallet. I bought some ADA and tried to transfer to Yoroi wallet but it was invalid. I checked my receive address on Cardanoscan and it was Inactive. I created a new wallet and got the same inactive status with the new address. How do I change this status to active so I can receive ADA from exchange. Thanks.


What wallet are u using?


Hmmm… I assume you mean version but I’m unsure. I just downloaded from Yoroi. Is there somewhere I can retrieve that info?

Ok, so u are using yoroi, in google chrome I guess right? Are u using a hardware wallet?

Yes, Chrome, and I haven’t got a hardwre wallet yet

Ok, first of all, u created a shelley wallet right? And did u wrote ur seed words right?

What is ur address from yoroi? (Go to receive section)

Just a sec


Yes, it is a Shelley wallet

Can u press generate new address in yoroi and past here?

Also on bittrex did u paste the above address to recipient’s wallet address right?


Ahhh… I did not paste into recipient’s wallet address

Ok, ur address is fine

This address should be pasted at recipient’s address

So try again, a small amount, from bitrex

Copy the address from yoroi (receive section) and past it on bittrex to recipient’s address.

I see, thank you. I am looking for recipient address in bittrex, buy a small amount and test. Thank you so much!!

Check this out
it’s for daedalus but u will understand where to paste the address in bittrex…

After u move ur ada I will wait for u to delegate


I pasted address into withdrawal whitelist in Bittrex, went back and checked that address status in Yoroi, and it was still inactive. Although the status in bittrex says active

Did u watched the video provided? Do u have ADA on bittrex right? Not other currency or fiat…

Yes, I watched and recieved the 1 ada you sent. I am waiting on withdrawal from bittrex now for another test amount I sent to yoroi

But u received a confirmation email from bittrex?

Or go to transsactions history on bittrex and check the status of last wthdraw

hey bro,4 days ago i transferd my ada from binance to atomic wallet,evrething was okey but today i cheked my atomic wallet and my ada balance is zero,