Yoroi Watching Wallet on desktop browser extension

I do not have a hardware wallet and currently do not have plans to get one as the cost does not justify getting one, so therefore will be setting up a live encrypted installation for the sole purpose of performing transactions.

The Yoroi browser extension allows to export the public key which can be used with the Yoroi mobile application to see the history and transactions.

Is there a possibility to import the public key on Yoroi browser extension to effectively turn it into a watching wallet on the desktop?

I know u have the posibility to restore a wallet as read- only wallet for mobile but I don’t know if will work also for the desktop version…


Perhaps is better to delegate and delete/uninstall the dektop version after u will restore as read-only on mobile

!!! Before to uninstall/delete the wallet from desktop version CHECK/TEST the seed words

I already have Yoroi Mobile setup on the phone with only the public key for watching the wallet.

It would also be advantageous to also have the option on the Yoroi Desktop Extensions.