You can pay with Bitcoin for public transport in Argentina now

Quite interesting development. Adoption is coming.

All crypto went on a few hours bull run today.


Good news to all cryptos as seen in todays bullrun.

Should Cardano have presence also in South America besides Africa? Maybe the revolution starts there before Africa (allready started). I wonder are there or will there be any plans for Cardano ADAption in Argentina or Venezuela?

Too bad Great Charles has systematically ignored South America in every single speech for the past couple years. People are eager for any kind of solution for their financial problems, specially with crazy inflation rates in some SA countries.

Hope they can make it work down there…

Economic and social circumstances make South America the most plausible candidate for wide crypto adoption. Population of Venezuela and Argentina might just switch to Bitcoin in coming years entirely. That’s too bad Cardano is not involved there on a larger scale.