Argentina Welcomes Cardano with Open Arms

The Cardano network has established a longstanding presence in Argentina, culminating in fruitful collaborations between Cardano representatives and various Argentine organizations. The likelihood of Cardano’s practical application on a national scale within Argentina is substantial. President Javier Milei has expressed a welcoming stance towards technological investments, positioning Cardano as a promising prospect for the nation’s future.

LATAM Economic Forum

The Cardano community has been particularly active in the LATAM region, fostering discussions, workshops, and events to advance the adoption of Cardano’s decentralized governance and blockchain technology. The LATAM Cardano Community has been instrumental in organizing over 60 LATAM Townhall meetings, which have served as platforms for education and the exchange of ideas among Cardano enthusiasts, developers, and stakeholders.

The LATAM community’s engagement has been crucial in shaping the trajectory of Cardano’s growth and its application in Latin America.

Mauro Andreoli, a nominee for the Interim Constitution Committee, alongside Alex Pestchanker and Lucas Macchiavelli, diligently endeavored to introduce Cardano at the esteemed LATAM Economic Forum, an event graced by eminent figures. The event took place on June 4, 2024.

The forum was notably attended by President Javier Milei of Argentina, key ministers, and prominent economists. This gathering facilitated the establishment of significant connections between the Cardano ecosystem’s delegates and Argentine government officials, academicians, and business leaders, laying a robust groundwork for fortifying Cardano’s infrastructure in Argentina.

Several Partnerships Have been Established

Several partnerships were announced shortly after the LATAM Economic Forum.

The Cardano Foundation has achieved a significant breakthrough in the adoption of Web3 technology by forming a strategic alliance with a provincial government in the country.

On the 5th of June, 2024, a landmark agreement was formalized between the Cardano Foundation and the province of Entre Rios.

The agreement was officially executed by Governor Rogelio Frigerio of Entre Rios and Rafael Fraga, the representative of the Cardano Foundation. This partnership paves the way for a joint initiative between the Cardano Foundation and the Entre Rios government to promote and broaden the application of blockchain technology within the province. This venture represents an extraordinary and unanticipated leap in the adoption of Web3 technology at a national scale.

On the 7th of June, 2024, J.J Siler, the Chief of Staff at Input Output Global, formalized a Memorandum of Understanding with the Faculty of Law at the University of Buenos Aires.

In addition to this significant agreement, Input Output Global has also been granted the honor of organizing the Constitutional Convention at the University of Buenos Aires, scheduled for December 2024.

This cooperative venture is set to investigate the potential applications of Cardano, with the prospect of transforming Argentina’s legal and governmental frameworks. By integrating blockchain technology, there is the potential to significantly enhance the transparency, security, and efficiency of these systems.

On June 13, 2024, the Cardano Foundation unveiled a new collaboration with the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN) of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This alliance is dedicated to advancing educational endeavors that will bolster the comprehension of blockchain technologies and explore practical applications.

Building on the Cardano Foundation’s series of educational successes initiated in 2023, such as the establishment of the Cardano Academy, this partnership with UTN is set to cultivate blockchain knowledge among the student body. The collaboration will incorporate the ADA Labs for Blockchain Applications (ALBA), supported by ADA Solar, to enrich the educational experience.


The LATAM Cardano community’s dedication and activity have propelled the project to prominence across Argentina’s key institutions. The Cardano delegation’s participation in the LATAM Economic Forum and the establishment of multiple alliances are the culmination of persistent endeavors and numerous smaller-scale events. The LATAM Cardano community stands as a testament to the effective promotion of blockchain adoption on a national scale. Encouragingly, there are other Cardano communities worldwide exhibiting equal vigor. It is with anticipation that we look forward to hearing more such uplifting developments soon.