You guys are a lot cheerful and a little harder.


From YoungKyu …
Goldman and their Wall Street have begun moving their IPOs at least 10x to 100x ICO markets on a massive scale.

One of the people who expected to drop from two weeks ago is me.
There are several reasons for this.
However, if you mention the dagger entering …
This drop is a drop for the new high point that Bitcoin has not seen.

The reasons for the drop were as follows.

First, there was a good news by Mark Carney before the G20 on March 19-20.

In fact, what I had predicted was that the G20 had to be turned upside down and it was going to rise because of the good news before the G20 started.
So who is Mark Carney because it’s so weird? I came to find out.
He is now Chairman of the G20 Finance Committee, Chairman of the EU Financial Committee, and currently the President of the Bank of England.
Prior to joining Youngran, he was Governor of the Canadian Central Bank.
And where he worked before he was governor of the Bank of Canada?

It is Goldman Sachs.

He worked for 13 years at Goldman Sachs and is perfectly Goldman Sachs person.
However, it was very suspicious that Mark Carney, who had spoken negatively about cryptography, had turned the coin market into an upturn by changing attitudes and telling him good news before the G20 did.

Second, now the coin market is changing from ‘the forces that use the news’ to the ‘forces that create news’.

Until the third quarter last year, the forces were the forces that used news to their advantage.
However, in the fourth quarter, especially after November of last year, the forces changed from “news generating forces” to “news generating forces”.
They create news according to their own scenarios, and also decide when to send the news.
If so, who is it?
This is only possible if you take control of the media.
So who are the forces that take control of media forces and create news?

That’s the Wall Street financial dinosaur power, and Top Of Top is Goldman Sachs.
(For more on this, see the post on “Mike Novgorz and Goldman Sachs Limited Express Collaboration.”)

Third, why would the Wall Street financial dinosaur forces want to enter the currency?
The financial crisis comes every 10 years.
The IMF in 2008, the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, and 2018, the tenth year of this year’s sub-prime.
In response, the US raised interest rates. Then a significant amount of dollars will be returned to the United States.
And America needs to use those dollars.
Stocks are down, gold is rising …
If so, where are so many dollars going to get the highest returns while burning dollars?
What I think is not as good as a password.
Therefore, Wall Street is waiting to enter into the currency with more than 1,000 trillion won in standby.

Please note that this is brain-specific.
According to the wandering Palm Beach report … .
Now the rich are gathered in Puerto Rico.
Do you know about Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is the Dominion of America.
It was originally the 51st state of the United States, but as a result it was left as the domicile of the United States.
So, although it is under the protection of US law, it is exempt from taxes.
if so … . Just think about it.
Why do the rich go to Puerto Rico in April?
Why do the rich people gather in Puerto Rico in April and do what?
To create a huge rise in cryptography and to make huge profits with it …
I do not want to pay any taxes on that huge profits.
There is a lot of free WiFi all over Puerto Rico right now.
Do you know why that is so?

fourth. The regulation of the G20 was postponed to July.

This is a good chance to make a new upturn that Bitcoin has not seen before the forces become 7. Therefore, the forces will certainly not miss this opportunity, and expect to raise the trend in May ~ June before the G20 regulations come out in July.

Taking all of the above into consideration … .
Beginning at least after the second week of April, BitCoin will strive to break through the resistance line between 15,000 and 17,000 after moving to the upside.
And in May ~ June, we expect to see a rise in the number of coins so that the previous peak of the coins will bottom out.
And once the G20 regulations come out in July, I think the coin market is going to be bigger once again.
(Of course, this is a prediction from the current situation, so it may change for the sake of contextual variables.)

if so… The forces will try to make the most profit with 1,000 trillion won by creating a rising trend before the regulation comes in April after this April.
By the way, I was able to get the G20 's good news two days earlier, so the forces expected to make another drop.

And today Bitcoin has broken the strong support line of 8200, going to the lowest point of 7716 since 18 March, and now it is 7900. If 7900 goes down … We will meet the previous low point and strong resistance line, $ 7200.
If the 7,200 won breaks … I think the 5922 Goldman Sachs talk could go.

Why did Goldman Sachs talk about 5922 for a few days? February 6th, why is it 5922 instead of $ 6,000, which is the bottom and strong support?
I could not sleep, so I studied with great difficulty.

But surprisingly … I found this.

The $ 5922 is converted to Hanhwa and costs 6,400,000 won.
(Prices change little by little depending on exchange rate volatility.)

640,000 won … Do not you remember anything?
In October of last year, the price that China gave the beat coin thrown by Japan was 6.40 million won.

Japan’s Bitcoin Magazine Line costs 6,400,000 won.
So, 6,400 won defended also in the downfall of February 6, and also defended in the downfall of March 18.

If the chart is broken by 6,000, you can go for 3900 …
In my personal opinion, I think 5922 fire is hard to break.

I will tell you more about the BitFlyer Exchange when I post about Japan …
‘Bit Flyer’ now opens and trades in 41 of the 50 US states.
There are seven more coin bases than trading in 34 states in the United States.

The US-approved “bit license” is very difficult and difficult to approve.
So far, we have received a license for a bit of “Ripple, Coin Base, Circle” and for foreign companies “Bit Flyer” is the first and only one.

BitFlyer is the institutional investor with a minimum of 100,000 or more, rather than individuals, in the US. Therefore, I think that the US and Japan have been on a boat in this operation. My personal prediction is that it will be difficult to break the 5922 of the Japanese Vicago Marino, even if the decline comes.

Now Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be the watersheds in this chapter.
It may be further down, and now it may turn up after March 31, am 1:00 CME expiration.
Ok Koin and Fu Obi are now preparing to open, and it is expected to open at the end of March or early April. This will also open up-bit new accounts.
My personal expectation is that the coin market will turn around in the second week of April at the latest.

So … . You guys are a lot cheerful and a little harder.


So when you say: You guys are a lot cheerful and a little harder. Is that good? lol


Thanks for the analysis!

I think people are selling off to pay taxes as well at least in the US so that should abate by the middle of April as well. With that said I hope we are both right! July should be good especially if the team gets staking rolled out in June.


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