Your reasons why you bought ADA when you saw the project the first time?


I saw ADA 2 years ago it was about end of 2018. I bought ADA because when I saw the presentation and what they are planning to do it is how me also imagine crypto should be.

There are no closed systems exists in universe, what ever system you look at, the more system is talking with other systems the less deppressed the system is, same with people psichology also…

So when I saw that cardano blockchain will ‘talk’ with other crypto blockchains and tradition finance system, I bought and I though that they cant be not successful, it must work. Also it is very universal solution for business and has many use cases, so that means it will has very wide, big adoption scale.

I also saw they were patience while others were just hyping they coins with very low of no real value. It is like a running competion: those who run too fast in the begining they becomse exausted too soon and cant finish, same happened with hyips crypto coins, while cardano chose slow tempo but stable and it worked. Maybe they done it too slow, but they finished it with so many ‘weapons’ against others cryptos, whose will never has it because theirs blockchains already built for limited solutions.

So my investment was in ADA value for market, people and business.