ZERO Balance after restoring Yorori wallett

Hi, I had to do a factory reset on my mobile phone. Downloaded Yorori app and then I restored my SHELLY ADA account by entering the 15 word recovery phase. The Yoroi app found my two ADA SHELLY accounts, however the balance is showing O.OO (ZERO). Anybody tell me why this is?? Do I have to wait 24 hours for YOROI to sync??
Thanks, Martin

First check of the seed words is the correct one

U can check on; If u see the same 0 balance then u should look for another seed words

great it worked. I can see my balance in AdaLite. Do I now need to send to my Yoroi wallet address or shall I just leave it in AdaLIte?

Leave adalite, and try to refresh the yoroi app, perhaps there are sync issues

If not, delete the wallet from yoroi and restore again, but choose carefully between byron or shelley

Im wondering now if it was Shelly or Byron wallet I used. Will AdaLite tell me? I guess it must have been Shelly otherwise Yoroi would not have recognised my 15 word recovery phase yes?

Did u delegated the funds for rewards?, if yes there is a shelley wallet if not try to restore as byron

Adalite should tell u, if u are going to receive section on adalite u will see the address

If it has 58 characters there is a byron address
If it has 103 characters then is a shelley address

Thank you so much. You have really helped me. Many thanks and god be with you. :slight_smile:

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