05.10.2018 - Cardano Foundation Newsletter

In the past week, the project celebrated its one year anniversary, we saw the release of a new light-client wallet and met up at Cardano community meetups all around the world. Read on to learn more…

Cardano One Year Anniversary

This past weekend, the project celebrated a milestone as it reached its one-year anniversary of the Cardano mainnet launch. We were happy to celebrate this momentous time with all of you with our community hashtag campaign - #CardanoMainnetAnniversary. Our campaign asked community members to tweet in to let us know where in the world they were. We received responses from all over the world! Check out our global community with the campaign map as well as a roundup of the anniversary’s celebrations on the Cardano Forum.

See the Global Cardano Community

Yoroi Wallet Launch


On Monday, Emurgo released Yoroi on the mainnet. Yoroi is a light-client wallet that runs as a Chrome extension and does not require you to download the entire blockchain. This wallet can be used as an alternative to Daedalus. Download the Google Chrome extension by clicking the button below!

Download Yoroi

Cardano Meetups

Last week was another successful week for Cardano community meetups! From Moscow, Russia to Palo Alto, California to Bogota, Colombia, we had community members coming together to meet and discuss all things Cardano. Javier, a community member in Bogota, hosted a successful meetup in Colombia with over 120 attendees and media presence.

Read Javier’s Meetup Recap here

Community Questions

This week’s community question comes from a Reddit community member.

Is Cardano 51% attack resistant?

Answer: To answer this question, we’ll start by defining what a 51% attack is. It refers to an attack on a blockchain by a group of users that control more than 50% of the network’s hashing/computing power for a PoW system or stake for PoS system. The main concern of this attack is that by controlling the majority of the resources on the network, an adversary can interfere with the process of recording new blocks.

No PoW or PoS system is resistant to an adversary holding 51% of the resource and Cardano as a PoS based system is no different. It is, however, resistant against 34% attacks. The full answer and resources on Cardano’s protocol can be found on the Forum.

Head to the Forum

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