15 Year ADA Chart: Patience for the long now

Hi Folks,

I put this chart together with a delegation appreciation of 4.5% over 15 years. The values I’ve assigned to Ada is of course semi arbitrary and debatable, however you can revalue as you wish. I’ve started the chart with 303K Ada. I feel that in this community it might represent a the general stash, give or take x.

The main point of this post is to look at the holistic picture, rather than focusing on the immediate now. When Cardano’s structure is in place we can expect stable growth in the price, as well as a steady delegation reward concretized by the allocation of contract rewards.

I’d also like to introduce something I haven’t seen much on the forums, and that is a time based exit strategy. I’ve been involved with cryptos for about five years. It seems that the more imbedded I am in price fluctuations, the more I see a depreciation in the quality of my life. Nurturing our passions in life is one key to happiness. This is the impetus of why I think this type of chart is important to consider.

What are your thoughts on these topics? What are some revisions that you feel could be incorporated into this chart?


Rocky I think you should rename yourself to Stony because you are stoned like fuck if you think that ADA will go up with 1$ in the price per year especially with the current circulating supply. Try to compare it’s supply to btc. I think 1$ in 5 years but even for that BTC has to start moving upp.

:joy: yes Rocky and Stoney sound like a match. I obviously cant see into the Ada crystal ball, however, with the increasing speed of technology and the dire necessity for social and climate evolution, I do feel that a trillion dollar Ada is attainable in 15 years. Change the $ as you wish though. What are your thoughts on a time based exit rather than a monetary target :v:t4:? Is that just idiotic?

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I posted a few days ago my own projection. I do not think ADA will go upper than 9$.

To go even to 9$ it has to replace all FIATS in daily paiement !

You projection is unrealistic. You do not consider the total supply and the total amount of worldwide transactions for which ADA could be used.

The most realistic is 1$ in a few years when we will have real usage in daily life. If you bought at 0.02 or 0.03 in March it will be anyway a very good profit.

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I very much like the concept of what you are doing. Check out this video I was thinking one way to trigger selling was to use a similar “risk chart”.

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I like Benjamin’s risk chart. A question that I would bring up is how do you know when those green to red bands shift up do to the stability and usage of the network? What is considered to be a risky band of 60 cents today may be a stable green band in two years. That’s our hope at least right?

Thanks for the feedback. I’m trying to make a realistic chart to help secure a long term position so all feedback is great.

When Charles sees a trillion dollar market cap in Ada what do those numbers look like for the coin? Is that total gibberish to think trillion dollar market cap?

We’re sitting 2 billion now. That’s a 500x increase. Does that initially seem crazy? Yes. If I switch perspectives for a hot minute and ask the question do I think Cardano has the ability to attain a 500x global adoption from where it is now? Hell ya I do. We are infants :baby:t3: in this new market. I regress though as I am not an economist nor a projection analyst. I may quite well be out to lunch. :ghost:

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Yes I would definitely agree with you. He has some sort of formula he uses to determine the zones of the chart. I like the concept though.

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Worldwide total money 80 trillion !
If ADA market cap reach 3 trillion this means that ADA replaces 3/80 = 3.75% of the worlwide money.
And with a total supply of 45 billion, 1 ADA will be 3000/45 = 66.666666$

Fun this valuation of sieur Charles ! 66.666 !

I made on my post 3 scenario with different adoption and “value” between 3 coins that could be bronze/silver/gold and ADA should valuate between min 9$ and max 1777$.

With 66.666$ valuation proposed by Charles he is in the range of the possible