92 UTxO on 1 address - How to Consolidate UTxOs

New here to the forum. I’ve searched high and low on how to consolidate UTxOs. I’ll explain:

I have an Eternl wallet and an account I’ve been sending all airdrops too. Total locked tokens are 278. There’s random values in each UTxO and it appears to be due to token drops from DripDropz and other similar services.

In the beginning I claimed everything. Now I’m only claiming high quality projects that I believer provide value or have a future.

My question is, how can I fix the mess I have in the one wallet? It’s on single address mode and I’ve attempted to do the send all thing back to the same wallet so it’s one UTxO but it’s not possible. I get error: “Too many assets to send: size to send: 50156 total possible size: 16384”

For certain DAPPS (from what I understand), the wallet needs to have all UTxOs combined.

How to I solve this? What am I missing?

After searching around for a while, I couldn’t find a definitive answer yet it appears there are others looking for a solution as well.

Wasn’t sure where to post this question.

There is a simple methode by sending like 50% of your funds to your own address, after that send 75% of your funds to your address and then try 100%. This should merge all the UTxO’s into one.

Im not using Eternl myself but i thought that Eternl has such a feature to merge all the UTxO’s into one.

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@Zyroxa Thank you for your reply.

I tried that. The summary shows 2 UTxO Input(s) and 2 UTxO Output(s).

I did this and it now shows 91 UTxO on one address rather than 92. That’s sending to same wallet address as internal transfer. Is there any other way around this? Do I have to have: “Allow advanced UTxO management” selected or Token Fragmentation?

Thanks again.

As i said, i dont use Eternl myself but i just downloaded it and restored one of my wallets there and it seems like you can use specific UTxO’s with the transaction builder.

You could try the “Collect UTxOs” button in “Send” – “TxBuilder” (and then “Next”, sign and submit the transaction). I hope it does a better job of crafting a transaction that respects the limit.

(Since you seem to have too much in your wallet in your wallet to do it in one go, this process might have to be repeated.)

“Advanced UTxO management” will rather result in more UTxOs. It splits the change on each transaction in several UTxOs to allow more flexible parallel transactions. (Usually for well-written dApps more UTxOs should be better, not worse.)

“Token Fragmentation” is a good idea if you have a lot of tokens or NFTs to ensure that not too many end up on same UTxOs (since they have to be moved everytime one of them should be touched, making the transaction larger and more expensive).


Thank You. @HeptaSean This seems to have worked and reduced the UTxOs. It actually shows 7 UTxO on 1 addresses.

Hopefully this information helps others that are searching.

Adding to this, there are several junk native tokens that I’d like to get rid of. Any advice on doing this? I was thinking of sending them into another wallet address called junk tokens.

If here’s any caveats to any of this or if you have any advice on managing the garbage and rug pull tokens so wallets don’t get cluttered up, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again to both of you for you assistance.

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If you don’t mind the minimal ADA that have to accompany them, you can donate them to Eternl’s $burnit address.

If you want to keep them just in case, there’s nothing wrong with creating a junk wallet or account and sending them there. (If you want to be really fancy you can create a Franken address for that account, where the ADA are still delegated to your usual stake address and only the payment address is taken from the junk account.)

One thing that should theoretically work, although I haven’t tried it myself, is sending them along when you do a transaction on an exchange. If people send native tokens there by accident, they never seem to be able to recover them. So, you could let them be their problem, and let the ADA be credited to your account.


Brilliant. Love it.

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This makes the most senses. Out of sight, out of mind.

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