A Constitution on the Blockchain

All metadata created by Cardano Network users should be encrypted and only usable to the two people performing transactions and apps that have permission to access the data.

We have heard IOHG CEO comment on metadata that the company had analyzed which is highly concerning.

Metadata is used by governments and elites for targeted killings and the Cardano Network will mint blocks that aid in this endeavor unless we encrypt all metadata that the Network is producing.

There will not only be targeted killings of people who go against American Interest which includes its own citizens, Police Union Interest, Private Prison Interest, Animal Conservation Interest in 3rd world Nations, and Global Banking Interest, but will lead to a genocide on a scale which the world has never seen.

We know that Satoshi would agree with us that is why he excluded metadata from the Bitcoin code.

If we do not implement anything to safeguard our most vulnerable Network users then at some point whatever tools are created to persecute these populations will be used on the more privilege sector of the worlds population.

We have two options.

To uplift humanity or to subjugate it.

Let us lift up humanity and bring in a new age of enlightenment, progress, & prosperity for all.

:crazy_face: I’m sorry, but I think my IQ just dropped 20 points after watching this video.

I’m assuming that this was a joke video since there is NO WAY that someone can know so little about so many subjects. :rofl:

We understand that you are invested in the asset as are we but you should try to seek reason.

You can reticule all you want but that does not change the fact that metadata is created by Cardano Network users.

If the community can not muster anything to make the appropriate changes in order to defend against the further exploitation of the African people then it is simple.

Wherever IOHG appears in the 3rd world we will be there to inform the government that the Cardano Network is not a safe system for their Nation. The system must be secured.

Metedata is created by anything on a network. This Youtube video, for example, has a lot more of metadata then any crypto transaction. If you are concerned about metadata you should never watch or make Youtube videos. Here is a link where you can check metadata that this YouTube video has created https://citizenevidence.amnestyusa.org/

Every cellphone, camera, computer, internet program, forum post (like this one), crypto currency (even privacy coins), digital images, books, cd/dvds have metadata. Every privacy coin has metadata. Bitcoin has metadata in EVERY block created. You are automatically generating metadata by writing in this post.

I think the confusion is that you misunderstand the term metadata. In short metadata is information about information. For example, price of crypto, volume trade, date traded is all metadata. It is not possible to use any device that connects to the internet with out meta data.

Playing a 2 second sound clip, then taking it out context is spreading misinformation. That is what this video does. Misinformation hurts people, especially those that have no easy way of fact checking. You want to protect people of 3rd world, then give them the truth and full information.
For all those interested in truth and full information here is a link to the full interview for that 2 seconds sound clip:

so you can actually hear full conversation and the context of that comment. Also, you will realize that metadata they were talking about was cellphone metadata. Every cellphone in the world generates metadata..

@precious_access I don’t know you, but I’m going to assume that your intentions to protect people in 3rd word are genuine and not just a clickbait for Youtube videos. The only way to protect people is to offer them truth, transparency and education. This video offers incomplete information, which is a form of deception, to elicit emotional response to a subject. It tries to distort meaning and context in order to promote an agenda. This is a basic type of media manipulation.

You said:

This video has obviously chosen to subjugate humanity by feeding it disinformation, distorting meaning as well as attempting of creating prejudice and manipulation using demagoguery.

Instead you can choose to direct your passion for protecting the 3rd world people by spreading rational thought, truth and education.

Bitcoin does not create metadata. Privacy coins have features to project their users data. Correct our technology creates a lot of metadata that is used for targeted killings. Then why not give the creator of the metadata the right to secure it when using Cardano. There is no agenda we only seek to protect the rights of people. Why would anyone get out of the current oppressive American monetary system only to go into the same digital one. We are well informed of human rights violations that have taken place around the world at the hands of America.

Here is a website where you can download collected list of all Bitcoin Metadata. for 1st 480000 blocks. https://dataverse.harvard.edu/dataset.xhtml?persistentId=doi:10.7910/DVN/MOLW81
Here is a research paper examining 45 different protocols used to embed metadata into Bitcoin:
(PDF) A Journey into Bitcoin Metadata

If someone who watched this video believed that privacy coins are safe and didn’t understand what metadata is, they might use their phone and feel safe trading privacy coins. Instead, the moment they turn on their phone they start broadcasting metadata before they even opened their crypto wallet. Instead of being safe, this video just delivered that person into the hands of people it was warning them about.
If you are going to use any crypto as a regular individual, then you will use it with cell phone, tablet or a computer. Whenever any of those connect to any network, such as your internet or phone provider, they broadcast metadata (same metadata that was mentioned in that video I linked). There is nothing any crypto currency can do about that.
What can be done is giving people full information and transparency. Not fearmongering and prejudice. If you teach people what metadata is and how it is being used against them, they can use it for their benefit. This way next time a group of soldiers comes to a town due to meta data info, they will not find helpless women and children. Instead they will find cameras and drones streaming live to a whole world the actions of an oppressor.
All these new technologies are tools created by people for humanities benefit. You want to uplift humanity? Then promote use and understanding of all new technologies by regular people. All this knowledge is for the first time available free for all of us to share and control. For the first time ever we have a chance to build a system that no governments can control, yet all people and all governments can benefit from. Learn, embrace and encourage others to do the same.

Monetary systems are just constructs. Like tools, they can be used to build or destroy. Oppression comes from people with uncontrolled power, not from tools they use.

Just America? History is full of tyrants. America was created in 1776 and thousands of years of history before that are full of genocide, ethnic cleansing, slavery and oppression before America ever existed. There is no enlightenment or uplifting humanity if you foster prejudice. “Us vs Them” attitude leads to wars, conflict and oppression. I am not American, but I will work with anyone who is helping build Cardano network, regardless of nationality, race or religion. It’s not about how bad things were yesterday. It’s about knowing where we are now and how great tomorrow can be for everyone.

People that use Bitcoin do create metadata with their machines.

Bitcoin itself excluded that from its code. I’m from Texas that is why I am familiar with our military. I was about to deploy to Iraq but decided not to.

We will replace the dollar by any means. We will try to sneak in a replacement. If that fails we will send our war ships to any Nation that opposes the dollar. We will get the world to agree to these Nations destruction.

We always get people to agree with us. Hollywood will see to that.

Then we will maintain control for another 400 years even 10,000 if we can get it done.

It does not matter how many we kill, impoverish, or suffer so long as we maintain control over the world and we get to drain all the natural resources for our mega cities.

We need metadata to win easily against other populations. The new dollar will benefit me as my city becomes more prosperous.

I will not even hear about the chaos. If Cardano does not implement security features for its users then it is the new improved American digital dollar.

I warned people so when they see us pull up in our ships you all can’t say that no one mentioned it to all of you out there.

I’ll consider my self warned. Thank you! :+1: