A cross wallet broadcast CIP standard

Just thinking about the low turnout to Catalyst Circle v4 ballot we just had. Only 1,140 wallets participated.

What if there was a CIP standard for wallets, so that important governance news can be broadcast to every wallet? Wallet developers could add a section to display these news prompts, where the user could decide to keep what’s active and delete when completed. This way, every user would be aware of upcoming ballots and where information describing the ballot, or who is up for nomination, directly in their wallet.

We would need a central app to add these broadcasts to. Maybe voteaire.io. The cost to add each announcement could be set high enough, so people don’t spam the system. Or only allow registered individual/wallets to add announcements, might be a better way. I don’t know at this stage. By the way, I’m not a developer.

What do people think?