A design guidebook?


The question from the Russian community specifically to CF :slight_smile:

Does foundation has anything like a “design guidebook” for logos and merch? If not - does it plan to, and maybe any rough estimates on when could that be available?

Thank you!

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Good morning ! :slight_smile:

That’s a great question… we are looking to make the brand more accessible in the near future. Watch this space! In regards to timings, weeks hopefully and not months… We understand the demand for use of the logos and designs but also need to go about this the right way.

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Just an idea, but maybe it makes sense to have two lines of CIs:
One is strictly limited to the official CF, IOHK, Emurgo.
And there is a second one, which is clearly related to the main project, but at the same time clearly shows that it is an independent third party project.

Not sure if it could be a small badge beside the logo, or a different color scheme.

And I see a future use case for a decentralized verification of legit partners. Kind of a combination of multi-sigs and voting system, where stakers can approve or decline certain projects.