A few tips for testnet readiness

Hi all,
as I am getting ready to move ADA from ledger to Yoroi for the snapshot tomorrow, It struck me that I could share a few ideas that may help some of us, especially those new to crypto.
First, make sure you are NOT on a public, unsecured wifi network. You should be on a trusted home network of which you have set a strong password to.
Next, make sure you have updated the firmware on your router so that it has the latest security features.
There is a very easy way to update Chrome to the latest version. Simply click on the chrome tab at the top and then click on About Google Chrome. It will check for the latest version and update it if available.
Finally, run an antivirus full system scan on your computer as a last precaution. many are free such as Avast which I have come to trust and am running right now.
Any other tips anyone? Please add them to this thread.
Good Luck and happy Staking!


Hi @randalert, Thank you for sharing some safety advice! It is so important for people to take some personal responsibility and precautions for their personal safety online and anything they do on it, including owning crypto assets.

Some great links for people along with your post:

Just curious: Why are you moving your ADA now? It’s just a test snapshot… I would get 1 or 2 ADA from an exchange and send it to the Yoroi / Deadalus adres you’re planning to use for the testnet.
I’m not moving my Ledger ADA’s untill just before the 2nd snapshot.

By moving them now, you’re either at risk longer (because your ADA is in a hot wallet), or you have to send them back and forward 2 times instead of just 1.

It’s up to each individual how to do it. Some may feel more comfortable doing it now and then it’s done.

Others like yourself, who are maybe a little more confident will wait for second snapshot.

The process and stages up to the incentivised testnet are to assist people at all levels of understanding and confidence.

Having your ADA in Daedalus or Yoroi is as safe as your device you’re using…

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