A Short History Of The Censorship Industrial Complex And Its Relations To the Other Industrial Complexes And Central Finance

The importance of free speech extends beyond mere protection of individual rights; it serves as a catalyst for innovation, creativity, and societal advancement. By encouraging the free exchange of ideas and information, free speech fosters intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and the exploration of new perspectives.

Free speech enables individuals to challenge conventional wisdom and question authority, while also serving as a safeguard against tyranny and oppression, providing a mechanism for holding those in power accountable and ensuring that dissenting voices have the opportunity to be heard.

Mike Benz is a former lawyer, IT expert and author who believes that restoring the promise of a free and open internet is one of the most important issues facing the world today.

Mike’s journey began with his transition from the legal realm into government service where he served as a speechwriter and technology advisor under the Trump administration. His expertise in economic policy and tech advocacy paved the way for impactful roles within the US State Department where he spearheaded initiatives on international communications and information technology.

However, it was during this time that Mike witnessed a worrying trend: the consolidation of power between big government and big tech, leading to unprecedented levels of online censorship and infringement on free speech.

With that as a driving force, Mike founded the Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO) – a free speech watchdog dedicated to restoring the promise of a free and open internet.

Through his Foundation, Mike and his team work tirelessly to shed light on the pervasive nature of online censorship, publishing reports and exposing the complex dynamics at play behind the censorship industry.

From the influence of the military-industrial complex to the manipulation tactics employed by tech giants, the FFO’s mission is to educate policymakers and the public about the dangers of censorship and advocate for guidelines that uphold freedom of expression.

Mike warns of the growing threat to democracy posed by the erosion of free speech online, particularly with the rise of artificial intelligence and algorithmic manipulation. To that end, Mike believes we are witnessing an inversion of democracy – one where traditional gatekeepers dictate the flow of information and alternative voices are silenced.

Minerva Initiative, The Blob, Keeping the Money Flowing
At the above we are introduced to the idea of consensus between the various industrial complexes. This starts to raise awareness that democracy is now the consensus formed between the various industrial complexes which keep the central banks in charge of the money printer.

The Whole of Society Counter Misinformation Counter Disinformation Policy

Origins in Counter Insurgency

Some of the Consensus Stake Holders

State Controlled Digital Identity In Ukraine

Twitter Files

FaceBook Papers and The White House Digital Strategy Office

Google Started as DARPA Project

The View Point From The Inside Which Makes All This Possible

Mike’s Main Problem: Censorship Turned Inward

Statecraft 2.0 or Digital Statecraft

Bigger Than Military Rule: Follow The Money - Finance At The Top

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The video in the above post explaining the Industrial Censorship Complex has been deleted by YouTube.

Does anyone else feel a sense of irony?

Mike Benz, formerly with the U.S. State Department founded the Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO) – a free speech watchdog dedicated to restoring the promise of a free and open internet.

The following contains Mike Benz’ content from other sources for those interested in how the Industrial Censorship Complex works, and how it cooperates with the other industrial complexes to keep the Central Banks in power.

The following two videos are found on Rumble where there is still free speech

These videos provide the same information deleted by YouTube but were created at other interviews with Benz.
How the U.S. Government Funds the Censorship Industrial Complex

How and why the Regime Change Industrial Complex (the CIA) turned inward to change regime in the United States.

From Mike Benz’ X (formerly Twitter) account where free speech is still respected.
Why the CIA cannot allow a wall on the southern border