About Human Readable Token

Continuing the discussion from Introducing the Cardano Token Registry for On-Chain Identifiers:

I already submit to Cardano Token Registry. According to this News,

Essentially, the Cardano Registry gives users access to the true character of native tokens deployed on Cardano through human-readable metadata and other descriptive information. Eventually, this data will be available to view alongside native tokens through both the Daedalus and Yoroi wallets.
Should my wallet show human readable token name instead of some address code?


Am I right? Please someone who already create this successful, let me know.


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The name should show up in Daedalus sometime after the pull request has been accepted and merged into the registry. Here is what it will look like:


That is awesome. How long it takes to show up? I just got approve couple hours ago. Is that will take days? or just couple hours only?

I think it was visible about one day after the pull request was merged and closed.

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I really hope I can see something by tomorrow finger crossed :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I read your website. You are awesome… Are you like Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory? You know, Caltech grad, Theoritical Physics, some sort of genius :grin:

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You are right my friend, it takes about 1 day to be visible.Thanks again…

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