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How to setup/build/run a Cardano stake pool.


I’m in the same process like you.

Personnally for the moment my entry points are:

  1. Stake Pool School - Stake pool course Please note that this course has been archived. We moved this whole section to the new developer portal on: https://developers.cardano.org/docs/operate-a-stake-pool/
  2. https://docs.cardano.org/projects/cardano-node/en/latest/getting-started/building-the-node-using-nix.html
  3. https://testnets.cardano.org/en/cardano/get-started/installing-and-running-the-cardano-node/building-the-node-using
  4. https://docs.cardano.org/projects/cardano-node/en/latest/
  5. https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900001951646-Building-a-node-from-source

I have not gone into details yet. I think I have to finished the course in 1. , so as everything is clear.

The coincashew guide also has been cited several times in several post over the internet:

I have not consulted it yet, but as said, some SPO seems to have based their configuration following this guide as reference. And do praise it.


I just fumble around the cli and scream at the error messages until it works. 6-year career :computer: still going strong :rofl:


in same shoes, though i broke my keyboard during process. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone!
Is it just me or all these guides are a bit outdated?
I would like to test it, following the Stake Pool Course, but I can’t pass through the very few first steps.
For instance Cabal is now at different version. Do you know how to find the current one?

Thank you.

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Hi @AdaTruth

Outdated ? These were my entrypoints, from my notes about where to start.
They are still relevant for me, for the moment. But I have only used SPO school and Build Cardano Node with Nix.

I’ll throw a look at the Cashew guide after. In case there is additional interesting info.

In the SPO school videos, they indicate git tag 1.15.0, whereas the software is currently at version 1.26.0 IIRC. This version number 1.15.0 is indeed outdated, but anyway all version, including the latest ones, are in the repository history. I think that’s indicated in the video that you should use the recent tag.

I cannot say anything about the build process made by hand, step by step.
Nonetheless, the way to build cardano-node using Nix is perfectly UP-TO-DATE according to me. Here the file is dated Feb 22:cardano-node/building-the-node-using-nix.md at master · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub in the cardano repository
One slight difference with the guide is that I am not yet using the binary-cache to speed up the compilation.

Last time I used this guide, it was last week I think: the Node in question is currently running in front of my own eyes, right at the moment.

You probably want to create your own dedicated thread/question about the PRECISE point you are failing at, following which guide, at which step, with which error message, and the commands you have entered, which one were successful, if you want to get precise help.

hi guys !
I have a question !
in cardano official website in these address :
show profit of run new staking pool 790% in year !
is it true ?

Some questions

Q1: What is the recommended hardware configuration?

Off IOHK’s site there is this for minimum requirements while the coincashew has a slightly beefed up recommended future-proof stake pool hardware setup: coincashew.com’s guide-how-to-build-a-haskell-stakepool-node recommended-future-proof-stake-pool-hardware-setup. Is that what is recommended?

Q2: Should one always be running the latest Cardano node release?

Some have argued that one should wait before running the latest release? As I post the latest release is 1.27. Is this safe to run? How many days after release should one wait before upgrading?

Q3: What is the best source of topology for mainnet?

There was some discussion of getting any sources of nodes from either test nets or main nets and just “throwing them in”, I have read about topology updaters. When you are starting out where can you get a good initial set of nodes to talk to? What’s a good source for topology updating?

Q4: What is the agreed protocol for asking questions like this?

Q5: Is it really important to run testnet? Or run testnet first?

Is there a problem just running mainnet?

Much appreciated

Hello every body,
I’m doing the stake pool course and i have a problem. When i launch the following command I have an error that I don’t understand:

cardano-cli transaction build-raw
–tx-in 9e444483e4cc5b9a523e8cb6f0a89148fa991d532b786d9c0b3fcba0c180e77c#0 \
–tx-out $(cat payment2.addr)+1000000000 \
–tx-out $(cat payment.addr)+0
–ttl 0
–fee 0
–out-file tx.raw

option --tx-out:
unexpected end of input
expecting white space or multi-asset value expression

Usage: cardano-cli transaction build-raw [–byron-era | --shelley-era |
–allegra-era | --mary-era]
(–tx-in TX-IN
[–txin-script-file FILE])
[–tx-out TX-OUT]
[–mint VALUE
(–minting-script-file FILE)]
[–invalid-before SLOT]
[–invalid-hereafter SLOT]
[–certificate-file CERTIFICATEFILE
[–certificate-script-file FILE]]
[–withdrawal WITHDRAWAL
[–withdrawal-script-file FILE]]
[–json-metadata-no-schema |
[–auxiliary-script-file FILE]
[–metadata-json-file FILE |
–metadata-cbor-file FILE]
[–update-proposal-file FILE]
–out-file FILE
Build a transaction (low-level, inconvenient)

Can somebody help me please?

Hi Michel,

You’ve probably fixed this but your missing back slashes at the end of each line.


Yikes, that makes it hard to “scream” at the error message!