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How to setup/build/run a Cardano stake pool.

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Iā€™m in the same process like you.

Personnally for the moment my entry points are:

  1. Stake Pool School - Stake pool course
  2. Building Cardano Node with nix ā€” cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation
  3. https://testnets.cardano.org/en/cardano/get-started/installing-and-running-the-cardano-node/building-the-node-using
  4. cardano-node ā€” cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation
  5. Building a node from source ā€“ IOHK Support

I have not gone into details yet. I think I have to finished the course in 1. , so as everything is clear.

The coincashew guide also has been cited several times in several post over the internet:

I have not consulted it yet, but as said, some SPO seems to have based their configuration following this guide as reference. And do praise it.


I just fumble around the cli and scream at the error messages until it works. 6-year career :computer: still going strong :rofl:


in same shoes, though i broke my keyboard during process. :slight_smile: