Active Stake always lower than the Live Stake displayed on Adapool

Hi everyone,

We are a small pool SPO trying our best to connect Korean community with Cardano ecosystem.

On Adapools page for our pool, our active stake doesn’t seem to catch up with the live stake even after 2 epochs.

Would anyone know if our pool’s doing something wrong, or is the Adapools displaying this information incorrectly?

Any insights would be appreciated,

Hello @KOR-KoreaPool

That snapshot showing on ADA Pools is from epoch 321. We are at 323 at the moment. If you hover your mouse over the question mark next to " Active Stake" it will tell you when the info is from.

You can just use instead if you like clearer info (it is not as detailed as ADA pools):


Sorry for a late reply.

We were using SRV DNS record when we registered out pool information on the blockchain.
Apparently, this SRV record doesn’t get parsed properly by ADA Pool nor IOG on

Since ADA Pool couldn’t find our relays info, they treated our pool as an inactive pool.
Due to this problem, our pool was not displayed on Yoroi either since Yoroi uses ADA Pool’s API.

As a solution, we moved away from using SRV DNS record.