Stake Pool showing on and but not showing on Yoroi Wallet

Ticker: KOWLN
Pool Id: 73a2cf679cce99614176523741aa05942722890b632184e377724df1

The pool shows up okay on adapools and pooltool but returns “No results found.” on Yoroi Wallet. I tried to “Claim your pool” on adapools but KOWLN doesn’t show up there. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.


You registered the relay with the private IP, u mist use the public IP

Send another certificat with the correct IP of the Relay


Then wait until u will see the Relay green on → about , and check again on Yoroi

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Thanks for the quick reply. Resubmitted with public IP. Waiting for the light to turn green. Thank you Alex!

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now it’s ok, but the relay has the port 3001 closed, check if you opened the port in fw, anyway I saw u have a private network… check the port forward, the rule should be:
all incoming traffic with destination 3001 should be send to Relay IP port 3001

when it will be ok (the rule) you should see inside the topologyUpdater logs file only: “glad you are staying with us!”

Port 3001 is closed on

you can check it here

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Thanks Alex. Setup all incoming traffic to my relay node and opened port 3001. Showing port opens on Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router

Waiting for to update. Finger crossed…

ok, did u checked for the to run each hour right?

I didn’t use topologyupdater. Waiting for Cardano to release peer-to-peer auto-discovery.

not ok, til then you must use topologyUpdater… otherwise other nodes will not connect to your relay