ADA = 99% ARA logo

It seems to me that the ADA and ARA logo look 99% alike.
Just wanted to check if someone at Cardano knows about this possible copyright/trademark issue.
Is it already a known issue?

ADA logo:
ARA logo:


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@FlippyFlink @CosmosX thanks for the heads up guys - appreciated. Yes, we have seen this and looking into it.


What a strange mystery @FlippyFlink, I just checked out their page and the Facebook, Twitter and Reddit pages - all 3 only came into existence in May of 2018. Github appears to have started in April 2018.

I tried doing a whois lookup on but the ICANN lookup does not cover .io websites.

Very curious.


I spoke to the CEO of ARA blocks,Tony Mugavero, on blockchain-expo Europe last Thursday.
He said he did not know about the Cardano ADA logo, so I showed him.

Created on 2018-05-08


If reaction defines possible infringement, I have had the same reaction and this is also been brought up on Reddit, Stocktwits by others who had the same response. Its too close. Like putting McDowells right next to McDonalds with slighly different trademark arcs

Hey guys! Appreciate the concern and want to chime in here directly as we aren’t trying to hide anything. Sorry for any confusion, and there was absolutely no attempt to copy any logos, so don’t feel ill will. Our product designer, who wasn’t into crypto at at all (like many people) earlier this year created that from scratch and simply didn’t know something similar existed. For extra background, we built Ara out of our existing media tech company Littlstar, which was founded in 2013. Ara is a constellation of stars, which is a nod to our roots at Littlstar. That’s where we got the name Ara. Nothing to do at all with ADA. This is simply a designer having an (not so novel btw) idea independently to add an extra line to the A, kind of like a dollar sign. And using two of the 3 letters in our actual name ARA. We will take a look at options, and definitely hear your concerns. I know it seems like so many scams in crypto, but we built everything from scratch as a team of repeat entrepreneurs, media engineers, and open source advocates. Check out our team page and LinkedIn profiles, and what we have opened on our github so far (more about to drop). Our team and tech is the real deal. We don’t need to rip off anyone or anything.

Like I said, sorry for any confusion, and we will circulate and see what our options are. Thanks for the heads up and let’s be friends. I’ve been in crypto since 2012, and there’s a long road ahead for us all. Spending resources and energy quibbling over small things undermines the much larger effort of this space succeeding entirely. :slight_smile:

Side note: Facebook login is broken on this forum. At least on mobile. Still in developer mode.

Kind Regards, Tony


When I looked at the Ocean Protocol logo I also saw a slight resemblance of the Cardano logo.

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