Ada card tweet

Anyone have info on what this is?


Here are close-up pictures of one side of the card, 500 ADA or 1000 ADA is printed on it.

From a Reddit thread:

I’ve talked to a guy on Cardano (Official) Facebook group who has the card, and it’s pre-charged Cardano card which should be available by end-of-year. His was charged with 1k ADA, I am not certain if you’ll be able to top-up the card or if you’ll have to get a new one every time you spend the initial amount.


This is great news and I would love to see the card in action. And oh by the way, looks like Charles lost a lot of weight.

I added the cryptocard to the comparison list of Ada wallets and exchanges:
In that comparison you can see that Guarda seems to have a similar card called “prepaid-cards”.