ADA continues to Decline from recent highs of 10 cents

If you can be so kind as dumping all your ADA to lower the market price even more.
This helps lessen your disappointment and worries on the fluctuating fiat value of ADA. It saves you time to do more productive or fun activities. You can then rebound and focus more on other blockchain projects with more promising gains (say, XRP? TRX? EOS?). In turn, it also helps me potentially accumulate more to offset my ADA expenses. Even with the development momentum and huge updates, ADA price may and probably will still see lots of dips. So why not sell, and help a good pal, won’t you?


U couldn’t afford it

?!?!? You just said it was garbage.

Now it’s garbage too expensive for us?

You’re the kind of person who labels glassware at retail value when they have a yard sale


I’m not buying your ADA directly. If you sell all your holdings, assuming you have a lot, it should make a decent short term dent to the market price. Then the amount of ADA I can buy from the same fiat value increases even by a tiny percent.


Old Man Shakes Fist at Sky (well ADA in this case :laughing: )


I am the kind of person who let’s everyone who isn’t an investor but is thinking about it wot the Cardano Forum Boys are like,all over the internet.It’s going well

I hope you’re not lumping everyone in here with me. They’re much more civil

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Sorry Cardano Twitter

I did not know there was an ignore function. Thanks for leading me there.
I have also flagged your inappropriate post above.

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Good to hear you flagged it as well. The majority of his posts are inappropriate and he always seems to be battling someone. Basically, if you disagree with him you are a fanboy and then he will start with the disparaging remarks. It’s really quite sad.

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Hi @Noddyholmes, you and @Noobnoob must be in it for the same reason. See my response to him at It is time for Cardano to deliver something tangible

I know you were hoping for a get rich quick scheme, but there are other projects out there promising that. I don’t think anyone involved in Cardano has ever claimed this project is. While you’re looking I have a snake oil business you might be interested in investing in :grin:

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p.s. what did you “invest” in? Do you have IOHK shares?

If you bought ADA then you should treat it like any other currency. You exchange currency to be able use it (say if travelling to another country). Did you buy ADA to use or because you are speculating that the exchange rate will change? If so then is that “investing”? Hmmmm.


I am going to use my ADA in a BBQ restaurant in Japan. Mass adoption Hahahaha.B Z is heavily invested in nonce coin.

That’s great, I’m glad to hear you have found a use for your money. You can change it into other currencies if you want to be able to use your money for other things.

I don’t understand this part of your response though. Could you please explain what you mean?

Dear Noddyholmes,

I hoped you would come back in a more positive and mannered way after your first warn.
Unfortunately it appears that you are trespassing our rules again.
As a result of that your second warn is given and we are going to give you a month to think about the things you have said.

Please refer to the Community Code of Conduct.

I hope you get back as a better person.


A little arrogant for someone who doesn’t really want to be here. Do us all a favor, do what you gotta do and move along or be constructive.

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When ADA is up 6% nobody creates a topic :frowning:

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Hahhahahha … Absolutely true!!!

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Ok, I just found @noddyholems Hooray… Lol…