Why cardano stop increasing?Start decreasing?


Hello all, i am New to cardano.Small investor from turkey. I am curious about why cardano decreasing rapidly? Do you have any info?


Hi, this is pretty normal.
The market is made of waves. We are happy our waves are high ones.


take a look at the graph a bit behind…you’ll see that it raised and lowered several times

I know you would love to increase only :money_mouth_face:


I saw great potential for cardano, I guess it will reach first ripple values, later race with Bitcoin


Basically people have different investment goals. When the price shoots up people decide to take profits out at the top of the rise. Or when people suspect BTC is going to go on a run they pull profits and throw into BTC. After BTC has had its run they buy back their positions with more buying power. This is how you get free ADA :slight_smile:. This is normal in markets and if you’re savy, this technique can be used to your advantage (sell high and buy back in the dip with those profits). Personally I don’t do this because I fear of selling and losing my position (if ADA doesn’t drop), this project has so much potential no need for being greedy. Sometimes it can be smart to protect your profits though.


it also depends on the amount you trade.
if you have a bigger amount, you can trade it as it lowers and rises, making profit.


true, but that seems so risky lol … scary I do this with other cryptos but risking my holdings in ADA is tough to stomach. These markets are tough to predict and lets face it we don’t have great real time trading platforms to deal with this level of volatility. I try to use stop losses to cut risk but even that triggers accidentally sometimes.


true :smirk:


Like feel I should have sold some off with BTC on the rise now, and bought back in, but with all the wallet fuss on the exchanges I didn’t want to my move my holdings, which are substantial for me at least.


If the drips make you uncomfortable, try only looking at the price once per month. Then it’ll likely only be good news.


haha very true …ADA holds up well it seems.


you said all!


In addition, pricing is paired with BTC and it will move when BTC price move. So that’s an additional variable that affects the price of Ada. This is the same with other cryptos. Should become less volatile when we can directly buy Ada with FIAT but you can’t really predict price movement in a highly speculative free market. So buy only if you understand the fundamentals and think it is worth it in the long term.


Pretty sure it’s almost something something “Cardano doesn’t even have a working product” something something.

Have faith in the Cardano team and HODL :slight_smile:


I would want to get hold of a Cardano card. And hodl:)


Should become less volatile when we can directly buy Ada with FIAT

Have you read/heard anything about when this is possible?


Most alts have suffered these past 2 days due to Bitcoin’s latest run.

Basically what has been going on these past few years for paired alts with BTC ( pretty much all of them) is that when Bitcoin is rising, some opportunists thinking they’re smart sell their alts to ride that bullish wave in Bitcoin, the goal being to sell at the top when the BTC run is finished and exchange their BTC back for their favourites alts, with generally an increased stack than if they had just hodled. It’s swing-trading, short-term and very risky because you have to be able to time the market, which is pretty much impossible.
Personally, I don’t do it and certainly not with ADA. The only time I did it, I got burnt badly. You don’t sell, you just accumulate :slight_smile:


As i understood from your precious information and advises, it is better to wait at least one mounth.It was bad luck for me after I bought cardano, it rapidly went down. Now stabilized around 1 dollar - 1.05. thanks for your advises.


Denebolaly, if you want some peace, please focus on the technology, the roadmap and ultimately the team that is delivering Cardano/ADA. If you focus on price of Cardano, you’re in for a really rough, heart attack inducing ride.


They are talking to exchanges one at a time. I think this is good because the network is currently centralized and will not yet be able to handle the load. Therefore I don’t think this will happen until Ouroboros PoS (Shelley) is released. Each exchange will also need dedicated support so there’s additional constraint on staffing. Charles said they will eventually ramp-up the number of exchanges that accepts Ada. Would be great if Charles or someone from Emurgo can answer your question directly.