It is time for Cardano to deliver something tangible

The time is now,ADA can only move sideways or south from here unless Shelley comes ASAP.This is not impatience,it is a reasonable expectation, given all the promises.

Hi @Noobnoob

What makes now any different to the last 18 months or the next 18 months? If IOHK implement a platform that drives demand for ADA and the price goes up (I assume this is the expectation given you posted in the Trading category) then that is great. But is that what was “promised”?

All that has been promised is the building of a third generation blockchain platform using science and formal methods, that people can then choose to use or not. IOHK could finish everything on the roadmap in 2020, but that doesn’t guarantee adoption and therefore demand for ADA.

It would certainly be a shame if nobody used it, but these things do happen in the tech industry. Hopefully at least some of the science and research will still be of value to others in this space if that does happen.

So, what do you mean by

If you are holding ADA in the hope that it increases in value, then I don’t think anyone promised this would happen.

For me, if ADA bottoms out and I lose the fiat I invested into it, then firstly I knew this was a risk. But to be honest I am prepared to accept that risk as I see the project as a worthwhile venture. I can think of my money as a donation in that respect. I have only put in what I can afford to lose and what I would be happy to donate to an interesting science/technology project.


Not everyone can afford to pay for their summits, trips,nice hotels,good food etc

This response is a little off topic, as it sounds like you are now complaining about how capitalism works.

Yes, not everyone can afford stuff. How does that relate to your perception that you were promised something?

If you new refrigerator is not delivered on time when “promised” once you can understand, but over and over ,delay after delay,you cancel the order and go to another business that delivers. That is business. Some organizations,particularly universities,the education system,people involved in academia, do not understand the real world of business, delivery of a product.ln the crypto space,despite all the snide comments about their projects by Hoskinson EOS ,Ethereum and many others are up and running and delivering.Even when Shelley is released, it will make no difference to the price of ADA,l hope.

I’m still having trouble with the idea that something was promised and if so who it was promised to.

They have certainly provided estimates for when they hoped to achieve certain milestones. But that is much different to a promise.

If you take the approach that IOHK are not working to a timeframe that is intended to make ADA holders happy by increasing its exchange rate with other currencies, then you will have much less stress worrying about if you will get a “return”, because that is essentially reality.

Anyway if BTC keeps going up you should be able to break even eventually.

Good luck :blush:

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I believe you need to have the following in your mind:

  1. Always invest money that you will not need it, I mean, money that if you lose your life will continue
  2. Cardano/IOHK does not sell ADAs. You got ADAs from exchanges after your take your own decisions. They are not financial advisers and never asked anybody else to buy ADAs
  3. As any other projects there is risk… I worked over 28 years in R&D and sometimes we had project cancelled even have a solid business case. There are technological limitations and sometimes commercial as well that changes how things must be conducted and they decided to cancel the project. I am not saying this might happen with Cardano and its eco-system but there is always a risk… remember… test-net and shelley were delayed to guarantee better quality… if Charles was a person with bad character he would not care… but it is not the case… this brings more credibility to the project even if the company is new and creating something from scratch as well.
  4. have more patience … pray and be thankful everyday… life will be good for you… ADA might be one of the blesses :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Look at their github. They’re gearing up for a version 1.0 release of Shelley. This was echoed in Sebastian’s last monthly update. David Esser, the Cardano product manager has also stated Shelley will start test net phase early June. Final delivery of Shelley (fully decentralized block production) along with staking is scheduled to be finished by year’s end.

If you think price will increase due to Shelley alone then I wouldn’t get your hopes up… this is a 98% sentiment driven market currently… it difficult to measure any project by ‘fundamentals’ or even the quality of the tech when the user retention rate for DApps is so poor.


Who invest in this project? Lol

Cardano is (or should be) a project to change the world, not to make rich a bunch of speculators

It doesn’t matter a year sooner or later what matters is to develop a rock solid project for the coming decades that enables a truly efficient, reliable, democratic,scalable and user friendly smart - contract platform

1.- Be the best
2.- Let everybody know that you (Cardano) are the best

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