Likely ADA no spike 2019

With the team mainly focused on development it is likely the rest if 2019 will see no significant upward movement just sideways action. Shelley release will also have no significant impact on the price.Investors will want to see adoption,profits to justify price appreciation. Bail at the end of 2020,if they are still not up and running.

Yess it’s dead

time for accumulation guys… gonna spike soon or later

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Need meat on the blockchain for a spike


This chart tells a different story. ADA went from 3 cents to $1.33 in six weeks with Shelly pretty much just an idea back then.

Do you honestly think that when the next bull run occurs, ADA won’t do much the same thing? I think ADA will double that all time high during the next bull run. This next crypto moonshot is going to be like nothing ever seen in the history of finance.


@Zenman I think you are right, but I hope if BTC really goes to (lets say, for fun) 100k dollar or higher that the alts can keep up with BTC.
Will take a few year tho. We will know more at the end of 2021 :grin:

ADA is not dead, but it delivered too little too late. I will not be surprised that IOHK gets rid of Cardano and starts something bigger and more profitable, after all they have league of good individuals.

Well, it’s too early to say. I think we should see what Q2 take us to. If the Shelley project are up. There still be hope for Cardano. If Shelley project doesn’t up and running till Q3 but running at Q4, the bull run probably start at Q1 2020. Leave Cardano immediately if Shelley doesn’t up and running until Q1 2020. I guess they are many other project that are better then Cardano. I mean seriously.

None of the alts are doing well right now. All the money is flowing into the BTC pump. I’m thinking that if we are indeed into a bull market we may progress in an inchworm fashion where BTC goes up, then the Alts, then back to BTC, and repeat. Just a thoery.


If cardano so optimistic they should build some own university to produce best scientist in blockchain.

Check out this link on Philip Wadler. I doubt any other project has anyone as near accomplished as him. IOHK has an amazing number of highly skilled individuals who are working on Cardano.


Every best company has own university for their own development

Could you please provide some links to show these privately owned universities…it would every helpful in supporting your statements. Thank you.

They have relationships with several universities now. Edinburgh and Tokyo Tech are 2 that I can think off the top of my head.

One thing about this project is the “finally we have some real competition…” mentality. This mentality despite the worlds #1 software, #1 most profitable phone company, and #1 social network built by college drop outs. There are a number of brilliant and talented folks out there. Take Vitalik for instance, large enterprises are starting to build on ETH. They may not be the “smartest, worthy of the finally have some competition…” mantle but their developer network is larger, better branding, and they are ahead in terms of market cap and almost every other kpi and metric out there. I said almost every so dont flame me with a few outliers. I’m talking raw numbers.

The University of Pompousness

Yes,there are way more efficient developments going on.

But by that time money will have frittered away,but the Alimovs,Brad Zs motos etc will still be censoring people for voicing their concerns

My personal motto is “Faultless in Strategy, Constant in Fortune.” Don’t see how that fits in here. For future reference @SeanAlimov.

some men aren’t here for anything logical, they can’t be bought, bullied, or reasoned with…