ADA Debit Card upcoming?

Does anyone know of any plans in place to introduce a Debit Card where we can spend ADA ?
I see cards such as BlockFi etc where you can spend BTC ( and a few other coins) but I would prefer something using Cardano.

I think you can do this with Bitpanda Visa Card already:

Just set up Cardano as your “Main payment asset”. I’m not using it but you might wanna give it a shot.

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Thanks for the reply, but Bitpanda Card is not available where I live. The Philippines.

It’s apparently possible using Binance Card (also Visa)…


Only available in Europe apparently. I am in Asia.

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Ok, I thought it was for all Binance clients except USA. Maybe the card then…

It doesn’t work in Turkey as well🧐

Given the recent crackdown on crypto in Turkey, that’s not very surprising, is it ?

Yeah but we are expecting regulations soon including tax. Let’s see how they manage it. I wish we had some open minded regulators currently we can not use cripto for payments.

Ok, so Visa will probably wait for the situation to be stable enough before providing any crypto-related service on the Turkish market.

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COTI is prepering