ADA Deposit not Working on Bittrex

I can not deposit ADA on Bittrex. (since weeks…)
(FTW: I managed to withdraw some ADA to Daedalus wallet and later deposit to Binance and on that time it worked!
However, Binance is not working now.).

Is it just me, or it is general issue?

When I select “Deposit ADA (ADA)” is displays typical box, but “Loading Address…” never changes into address (while it works for other cryptos).

There is no “[i]” information sign that deposits are suspended (like e.g. in case of NEO).
(Update: I just filed support ticked)

Discussion available also:

Occasionally I have had times when the deposit address didn’t automatically populate on different coins. Pushing the new address button has solved that. All old addresses will remain associated with your account.

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I was surprised!
It worked in other browser.
(Both I used were without any extensions)

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