ADA hit $3bln today


ADA hit $3bln today. lots of chatter in the market…


…and then it crashed again :joy:


true but still $2.455 bin is good, they’re had to be some profit takers I am sure.


You cant lose with ADA. If the price drops you can buy more (and stake it later :D) if the price goes up you smile :smiley:


price will stay pretty low until commercial viability, too much circulation to increase prices


The supply doesn’t make a difference. It’s irrelevant.


It’s relevant in the sense that the currency will never hit large values. Most people are not logical, and will see the low price of the currency and shrug it off as a memecoin.


Here’s a good mathematical explanation I found on Reddit.
“What difference does that make? If the supply was half of what it is now, the price would be twice of what it is now.
Now: For 100 USD you can buy x ADAs.
Total value = x * ADA_price
If you half the supply: For 100 USD you can buy (x / 2) ADAs
Total value: (x / 2 )* (2 * ADA_price) = x * ADA_price
It doesn’t make a difference! The supply is irrelevant.”


the relevancy is for the price to go up from here there has to be massive value attribution and adoption of the coin. My point being if you bought on speculation of 5x, 10x, 100x return on a purchase youll be waiting a long, long, time.


I disagree. I already hit the 5x return this morning.


it will be even harder to 5x from here, not enough scarcity in the coin. like i said, it is very possible once the platform is commercialized.


Yes I believe Charles mentioned that it would be possible to add a burn option in the future. If it reaches 5$-10$ in the next 5 years, I’ll be more than happy. I was lucky enough to get in early.


So you think a market cap of 225,000,000,000 is possible?


If I had told you 8 years ago that Bitcoin market cap was going to be 175 billions dollars in 2017, would you have believed me?


its simple supply and demand logic ceteris paribus

commercial viability will have to drive us and not speculation alone like bitcoin


I agree 200%


Between 1am and 4am uk time :uk:
Ada price will shoot back upto 1600/1800 satoshis

And jump upto 3/3.5 market cap


I doubt it. I think everyone is looking for that “bitcoin 3.0.”


It’s allready been at that price yesterday


My bad :hugs: I am using my phone to go through the forum, and I totally replied to the wrong person.

ADA is gonna crush crypto skulls.

Honestly the fact that it’s not just a bunch of number crunchers, but people who have a deep rooted belief in philosophy is why I tagged along in the first place.