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Help! I cannot find this information…
I want to move ADA coins to ADA Lite wallet via Trezor Model T.
MY QUESTION: Do I need to “Create New Wallet” via website first along with generating and writing down the passphrase mnemonic OR do I “Unlock with Trezor Model T” - even though I do not have an ADA Lite account?
If I have the Trezor, does that take the place of creating the ADA Lite mnemonic?
Or do I create the Account Initially / Write down the mnemonic and then Unlock with Trezor?

Thank you… very new to this.

Hi I have not used Ada lite yet. I think the Yoroi wallet supports Trezor T also BTW.

Thanks for the reply…
Just to clarify… i have never created any type of ADA wallet and I just got the Trezor Model T.
If I have the Trezor, Can I just access any wallet (even though I have never created one)?
By creating the wallet, I believe you go through the process of creating mnemonic passphrase. But since I have the Trezor, Do I need to create the ADA Wallet mnemonic phrase?
Thx again.


to answer your question you have to select “unlock with Trezor Model T”.

Please understand, there is no such thing like an “adalite account”, adalite runs locally on your computer it’s not a centralized wallet or something like that.

Trezor has your private key and adalite (or any other wallet) interacts with the Cardano app on your device. Learn what a hardware wallet is and how it works:

To stay safe try everything out with a small amount of ADA (including restoring the device)

ok, just to follow up and clarify…
on the start page for adalite (, you have three login options in the middle of the page.

  1. Mnemonic 2. Hardware wallet 3. Key file
    and then in the upper right corner of the screen there is a Red button/box labelled
    “Create New Wallet”.
    This is the confusing part.
    So is the “Create New Wallet” button only for login option #1 (Mnemonic)?
    The " Create New Wallet button is NOT for #2 (Hardware Wallet ) and NOT for #3 (Key file)?

If ture, then that answers my question. I thought the “Create New Wallet” was something separate from the 3 login options is the middle of the page. I thought it was something that had to be done separate and including logging in with the Hardware Wallet.
But it sounds like “Create New Wallet” button is only linked to login option #1 - Mnemonic.

Is this correct?

Yes, “create a new wallet” means “creating new random seed words” for you. (the wallet will be new and empty)

When using seed words or a hardware wallet or a key file, the wallet exists already. (even, and this is the funny part, if you never used it before)

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Got it… Thanks for answering my questions!