Unlock with Trezor option is greyed out for ADA lite wallet. I had saved ADA coins on my tremor model T wallet

Hi All,

I have saved around 17000 ADA coins on my Trezor Model T wallet two weeks ago.
Today I am trying to access the wallet but when I went to ADAlite site and selected the hardware wallet option, Unlock with trezor model t option is greyed out.
I am not able to access the wallet and not sure how can I retrieve the ADA coin that I have saved here few weeks ago.

Can someone help me out? I am not sure if I have lost all the ADA.



Oh wait, Trezor has not updated yet, it will update on the 5’th

Oh, so this means on August 5th I am able to access the ADA coins that I have saved on Trezor model T? due to the update am i just not able to access the wallet?

You can always use your seed phrase on another wallet, daedalus etc.
But if i where you i would wait.

I’m in a similar situation with ledger/Yoroi i also need to wait.
I will never put my seed phrase in the computer…

Ok thanks!!
I was scared that i lost all that money.

Have a look at this page:

Then you know when most things staring to work again.