Trouble accessing ADA in my Daedalus wallet using Trezor T

Hi all,
I am at my wits end and so I thought I’d reach out to the cardano community for help. Here is the issue I am having:
I originally bought my ADA on exchange and sent it to the Deadalus platform to stake my ADA. I used a Trezor T for added security.
The computer I originally used is not working anymore, for some reason it can’t handle the Deadalus platform on there anymore.
So I went to try to add my wallet to Yoroi AND Daedalus on a different computer. The issue is whenever I add the wallet using my Trezor T, it doesn’t ask for the seed code. It just adds an empty wallet to the suite.

I hope you guys can follow this because I am at a complete loss. Thanks a lot in advance for any tips!

It should not. The Trezor replaces the seed. (And one should never enter the seed of the Trezor into a computer or phone. It is just for restoring on another Trezor.)

So, if you entered a seed phrase into Daedalus (or got one from it) before, you were perhaps not using the Trezor at all, but just a normal wallet?