Can't Send my ADA using Trezor x Daedalus Wallet

Hi Team,

So my first ADA wallet was set up as a Daedalus Hardware wallet using my Trezor Model T. I recently created another wallet that would my wallet used for staking, however, when I try to transfer my ADA from my initial wallet, I am prompted to use a Passphrase or leave blank. When I created my Daedalus wallet, I was not prompted to use a Passphrase - Does this mean that I have to leave the passphrase section blank, or do I use my Trezor Wallet Passphrase to transfer the funds?

I have tried both using my Passphrase and leaving it blank, however, I am constantly greeted with the below messages on my Trezor:
*Staking Rights are different on new wallet address (I press continue)
*Change amount: ** ADA (I authorise the difference)
*Total: ** ADA ( Again, I authorise to the next step)
*Hold Confirm to proceed (I hold the confirm button and the below messages appear on my PC)
When using Daedalus it states: “Trezor not detected, please reconnect and start again”
When using Yoroi it states: “Exchange error from server”

Any help is greatly appreciated, I don’t want my ADA to be locked in my account because I’m stuck with this Passphrase issue.


Hi @JvcobMyers,

Your Trezor Model T only asks for a passphrase if you have created one in the beginning.
Whenever you want to transfer crypto, all Trezors will first ask for your PIN number. This is not the passphrase, this is the numeric pincode you enter directly on your trezor model t. After this, the device will ask for your passphrase (if it has one). Each passphrase will be connected to a separate account/wallet. A passphrase can also be empty, but if you created a wallet by setting a specific non-blank passphrase in the beginning you need to enter this passphrase to get access to your wallet. So are you sure you didn’t create a passphrase?

you might want to check this movie showing this too:
(153) ACSC Lesson 2: Setting Up Passphrase Protection on a Trezor - YouTube

and this blog from trezor:
Recovery Seed, PIN and Passphrase | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

Hi @ADA4Good ,

When I made the wallet, there was definitely no passphrase that was requested by Daedalus. Do you think if I briefly disable my passphrase through my Trezor app that this transaction should go through with just my authorisation steps and PIN number on my Trezor?

Appreciate the help

No, the trezor PIN and optional passphrase are selected when you activated your trezor wallet, not your ada wallet.

When you start daedalus, do you see a “hardware wallet icon” besides your ada wallet?
And do you use your trezor with other coins like btc or something else? And have you ever transferred some coins out of these wallets? If your trezor has a passphrase you would also need to give that in whenever you use it for other coins. Is that the case?

You cannot deactivate a passphrase if your hardware wallet has one.