How to transfer staked ada from Daedulus wallet to new Wallet

Hey all I just purchased a Trezor Model T and paired it to Daedulus (No ADA at the moment). I already had another wallet in Daedulus with ADA being staked. How would I transfer all the ADA from my original wallet into my Trezor model T wallet? I was under the impression that I would be able to link my Trezor model T to my original wallet, but that doesn’t look possible. Also do I need to unstake the ADA first? Any advice would be great

Hmm it’s a long operation, u will need to move the ada on trezeor and redelegate being a new wallet but …

  • setup/prepare the trezor wallet
  • go to daedalus - new wallet - pair and connect the trezor
  • move funds (keep 1 ADA for rewards) from simple daedalus wallet to trezor wallet (first time try to send only 10 ADA to trezor then check on if u see the 10 ADA on trezor… if yes then moved all ada from old daedalus wallet to trezor wallet)

Great, now all funds are on trezor and u must redelegate;
U will want now to withdraw the rewards also and send them to trezor…
wait 2 more epochs to recieve all rewards (rewards are delayed with 2 epochs) then…
restore the old daedalus on yoroi:

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley wallet)
  • restore wallet and use 24 seed words
  • withdraw rewards and also choose deregister the stake key and u will recieve back the 2ada paid for registration + the rewards)
  • move the last funds to trezor

Now all funds should be on trezor

If u have questions, please ask

Thanks Alex for the concise and quick response. I see you all over the Cardano forums and I must say I am impressed. You are one of the reasons more people will feel welcomed in the Cardano community. Keep up the wonderful work!

Thank you !

It was a success! I am now trying to redelegate my ADA on to a new pool. When I get to the 3rd step “Confirmation” the stake pool id in Daedulus is completely different than the “to pool” on my Trezor wallet. Is this normal? They aren’t even close to matching and I have tried it for 3 different pools so far.

What do u mean? To which pool do u want to delegate? If u are looking on adapools u can see 2 pools id formats … for my pool for example are:

Pool ID: pool1qqenhz258k5k9nyjull6gkzg7s4f3ae8v7qxwpegeef9v0nsy3e (00333b89543da962cc92e7ffa45848f42a98f7276780670728ce5256)

If u see those on daedalus/trezor then is fine

Thanks Alex for clearing that up! I think that’s what it was. I was seeing 1 pool id on Daedulus and the other id on my Trezor so it wasn’t adding up. I searched the pool I wanted to delegate to and found the other id # on

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One last question. How would I send ADA back to an exchange to convert to fiat? Would I hit “send” in Daedulus wallet and then confirm via Trezor?

Yes but first time try a small amount… for example 5ADA… just in case

Good call. Thanks!

You are welcome!