How to send staked ADA from Daedalus Wallet to Trezor T Daedalus Wallet?

Hi - I staked ADA on Daedalus. I later bought a Trezor T and connected it to Daedalus. How can I safely transfer my staked ADA, as well as the staking rewards I earned, to the Daedalus wallet that is connected to my Trezor T so I can re-stake all my ADA from that wallet? Do I have to do this via a soft-wallet or can this be done directly within Daedalus?
Thanks for your help!

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Hi @IronCrypto,

I would do the following:

  • In daedalus go to your hardware wallet and copy the receiving address.
  • now go to your non-hardware wallet and send your ada to this receiving address. It is better to send a small transaction (a couple of ada) first to make sure your ada arrived, before sending the rest.
  • Now go back to your hardware wallet, wait until all your ada has arrived and delegate the hardware wallet to your stake pool.
  • Next wait 2 epochs until you have received your rewards on your non-hardware wallet (there is a 2 epoch lag).
  • finally send the rewards to your hardware wallet.

That should do it.


You can have more than one wallet in Daedalus.

Note in all wallets your rewards will automatically be delegated to the same pool. You will just see your wallet balance increase automatically in Daedalus due to running a full relay node locally.

So assuming you have already paired your HW wallet you should be able to transfer your ADA by sending from the software wallet to a receive address of the HW wallet. You can then use the HW wallet to delegate to whatever pool you want as normal.

DO NOT delete your software wallet if you are expecting rewards that you want to keep from the current epoch. That way you can transfer those to your HW wallet as well next week.

If you have any other tokens (NFT, FT, etc) remember to send those along to your HW wallet as well.

Finally when the balance is 0 for all tokens you can delete the software wallet if you no longer want to use it.

Fun Fact: Since your HW wallet internally stores the private key and Daedalus saves the public key you do not need to have your HW wallet connected to receive! You can even delete the wallet application entirely if you don’t plan on changing delegations or sending tokens anytime soon.


Thanks you @ADA4Good - I was hoping for an answer that sounds as easy as yours. :metal:

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Thanks @DinoDude - much appreciate your response. perfectly compliments @ADA4Good 's response, especially regarding NFT’s etc. :+1: :+1: