Restoring Trezor T linked Wallet

Hello - my password does not seem to work on several of my wallets linked to my Trezor T. It seems I need to restore Daedulus using my Trezor T seed phrase. Is this correct and how do I do this? Do I need to delete the app from my computer and redownload it? Then restore using seed phrase? That is all I can figure out to do. Thanks!

Did u solved the issue?

I’m having this issue as well. My Trezor is not exporting the public keys, in Daedelus. I also have an Exodus wallet that I use the Trezor for, no issues there. I made a clone using my seed phrase on another Trezor T and getting the same issue. So, as of nowI have funds that I do not have access to with my hard wallet. Do I need to delete app and reinstall? Not touching anything for now.

Try to connect the trezor on and perform transactions from there

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That worked! so what does that mean for Daedalus? Thank you so much for your help. I was freaking out.

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Try to delete the trezor wallet from daedalus and pair trezor again again

Its strange it’s as if Daedalus is not communicating with the Trezor. I unpaired it and then have tried to repair. It asks to enter pin on device and after that is done, Daedelus just sits waiting for the input. Adalite is a savior though. Any other advice for the Trezor?

hmm… few people tried with another usb cable… can u try? If no working… can be an issue with Daedalus, wait for the next release…
or try to open first daedalus and then connect the trezor…

Revisiting this after many months! Some wallet I was able to connect to. One I unpaired within Daedulus but cannot figure out how to re-pair it to Daedulus. Tried suggestion above using Adalite but no success bringing up wallet

Can you be more specific on, where the process hangs? Screenshots maybe?

Other wallets (non-Cardano) do get a connection to the Trezor? In the same browser as