Daedalus is giving me issues confirming delegation

I have been trying for days to delegate my ada to a stake pool, but I get hung at the same place every single time.

I can see my ada, It syncs with the blockchain, I can select my pool, I connect and unlock my device and then confirm public key. Daedalus just sits at “confirm the transaction using the " " device”. My trezor T never has anything on the screen to confirm and it just spins. I am on the latest firmware and 4.3.1 of Daedalus.

I’ve restarted many times, many disconnects and reconnect, uninstalled and reinstalled of Daedalus, deleted the wallets folder, deleted the entire state directory and resynced everything and I still have the issue.

Because I am using Daedalus. Is there a contact for them? I tried their support, but am not getting anywhere.

even though I am not using Yoriwallet?? That seems odd.

yeah… I am not going to waste their time or my time since I am not even using it.

Hello @wickaman14201

Trezor recommends using Adalite wallet. I’m not even sure if they support Daedalus, since their web page doesn’t list it. Here is a link to their wiki ADA website, maybe you can try one of the recommended wallets for ADA.
Link—> Trezor

There was a blog entry months ago regarding Trezor T and Daedalus. I’m not using Trezor so cannot say anything about it, but seems to be supported:


Yeah. I had Daedalus from years ago before I had the trezor. Then I read it was supported, so I decided to stick with it. If it keeps giving me issues, I am going to switch.