Trezor T - transactions aren't confirmed (Daedalus + Yoroi)

Hi all,
Trezor T is making some problems.
It works well with ADA and works well with most of my tokens as it seems.
BUT! for some reason there are times when the transaction confirmation isn’t working.
and in Yoroi it sends me back to the main window (with dashboard background and the message “send using trezor”)

Anyone knows this issues?
Help would be much appreciated!

Hi @AsafK_ISR I have read some sync issues with yoroi. Maybe this also causes this issue.

Alternatively you can also use or the full node daedalus wallet

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Hi! @ADA4Good
Thanks for replying.
I’ve tried through Daedalus as well without success.
It’s something that is happening only with tokens and only some of them.
I have no idea why.

I do know it also has something to do with the hardware wallet.

I’ve sent a message to IOHK + Trezor. Hoping they will have some sort of solution.

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