Problem with Daeadulus Wallet Linked to Trezor

Hello - I am having trouble sending from a Daedulus Wallet attached to a Trezor T. After entering passphrase it tells me to try connecting again. I have tried several times. I am a little confused as I now have several wallets that are linked to Trezor from within Daedulus and I don’t believe I created a different passphrase for each. Is there any way to test this without attempting to send so I can very that I have the right Trezor connected and am using the right password? Thank you!

Connect the trezor on and check if u see the right balance

Thank you that was very helpful. Ada lite showed the correct balance for the two other wallets I have on Daedulus but did not show the balance of the third, most recent wallet I created. That wallet shows the Icon on Deadulus indicating that it is linked to a hardware wallet. I have two Trezor T’s and have checked Adalite for both Models Ts as well as their hidden wallets but still Adalite shows no coins so they are still unaccounted for despite showing on Daedulus. I have two Daeduls wallets that are staked and before staking the second one I moved a smaller portion out into this third wallet to remain unstaked. When I tried to send a portion of that Wallets ADA to another wallet outside of Daaedulus the attempt to complete the process by signing on the Trezor T kept failing. Thats what led me to post here. So I have this third wallet, that says it is linked to hardware device per the icon and that also wanted confirmation from a Trezor before sending out. And yet neither of my Trezor Ts are showing the balance of that wallet on Adalite. Just to summarize. Thank you again for any help.

did u restored the trezor or check on trezor bridge or settings if the passphrase is activated… if yes try to deactivate and try again on

I left the issue for a while and am trying to return to resolve it. I have three wallets on Daedulus that show as linked to my Trezor but which don’t respond to what I thought was the passphrase. How do I restore the Trezor or Daedelus wallet so that I can reset the passphrase? Thank you!

You can’t. Basically, the seed and the passphrase together are the wallet. The seed with another passphrase is another wallet (even if the difference is just a small typo). The seed with an empty passphrase is again another wallet (the same as if you didn’t activate the passphrase option).

You cannot change/reset a passphrase (or the seed). You can only use a new passphrase to create/access a new wallet and then send ADA and tokens from the old to this new wallet, but only if you still have the old passphrase (and it costs the fee).

See: Passphrase - Trezor Wiki

Unfortunately, having the balance visible in Daedalus (or another wallet app) does not mean that there is any way to access/send this balance somewhere.

To show balances and transactions, wallet apps only need public keys, which they get from the Trezor, when the first connection is made. They remember these public keys and can show the balance of the wallet, new rewards coming in, everything that happens without contacting the Trezor again.

Only if you try to create a transaction (sending, delegating, registering for Catalyst), the wallet app will contact the Trezor to let it sign the transaction, it will ask you for the passphrase and you will find out if you still know the correct one.

What you can do and what @Alexd1985 always suggests, is try to guess the correct passphrase in If you get a wallet with zero balance and without transactions, it was the wrong passphrase, you can delete it again and try the next variation (probable typos, other words that you might have used, capitalisation, …). Of course, you have to remember what exactly you are trying in order to know the passphrase once it is successful.

Ok - thank you very much. That is very helpful. I appreciate the detail.