Cant send my ada from Trezor wallet

i am trying to send my ada from my trezor wallet but it keeps telling me my address s incompatable i wanted to stake my ada befor the first snapshot on the 3rd ada lite wont even let me acces untill the 5th . any help would be great dont want to miss out on the first payout .

What wallet? Yoroi?

ada lite would not allow me to access my wallet so i downloaded the yoroi extension for chrome
i try to send the funds from there and it wont allow me to do so .

i click send and it gives me an error message :This hardware wallet is currently not supported.

Yoroi is not updated yet

I think you should wait for a firmware update in Trezor that will happen next day 5

it kinda makes me wonder how safe your crypto is on a hardware wallet . i have tryed using the seed keys to recover it in another wallet and i get 0 ada for the funds . so if your hardware wallet is not supported you lose all your coins. because you have no way to send them if it not supported thats insane . the only reason i bought this was to be able to transfer my coins when ever i want .

You must remain calm, until a few days have passed everything related to Cardano (ADA) is being updated due to the implementation of shelly. But everything is completely safe. Allow a few days to pass and your ada will be in your wallet, you can transfer it, stake it, etc.

Any hardware wallet uses a different kind of system (because it works with all kinds of coins).
The words for the hardware wallet is not the words for your ADA wallet.
But there is wallets out there where you can put in a hardware wallet phrase.

But why would you want to put your seed phrase into a computer in any way shape or form?
Then you really donโ€™t need a hardware wallet because your an easy target anyway then.