Trezor 2.1.0 update won't let me send ADA in Yoroi




I’ve got a brand new Trezor (so I can finally get my ADA off exchanges). I feel safest with wallets direct from IOHK / Emurgo, so I’ve gone straight to Yoroi. I set up my wallet, sent a test amount of ADA to it, but when I try to send it on again I get this:

The current version of firmware (2.1.0) may be not compatible with the running version of Trezor Connect.
The current version of firmware contains major changes that could affect the efficient functionality of Trezor Connect.

The transaction then fails.

The version of Trezor Bridge on my machine is 2.0.25. I’m using Chrome on Windows 10 x64. This is the first time I’ve tried to use this Trezor, so I can’t say that this firmware broke it. The error message sort of implies it I guess.

Any ideas? I see that Trezor Connect is run as a web service. Do they need to update it to 2.1.x to get it to work?

I’m guessing that I could probably use Adalite to send the money, but I’d really like to get Yoroi working. This isn’t one of those ‘haylp I’ve lost all my ADA’ posts. It’s just a few tens of ADA in the wallet at the moment (very glad I tested it with a small amount).

Many thanks for any help you can offer!




Hy Mark. We’re aware of the issue and a fix will be part of our Yoroi 1.4.0 release this week.


That’s great, Sebastien. Many thanks for your answer. And for the great product!




As promised, we shipped the fix in our 1.3.3 update


It’s working a treat now. Many thanks to you and all the team!