ADA missing from daedulus mainnet after upgrading to 5.3

Good morning. I started my Daedalus Mainnet after non use for 6 months and did the upgrade to 5.3.0 and now I only show 28 ADA. My catalyst fund 10 voting power shows the correct amount. Can anyone tell me what happened and where the ADA went. There are no transaction on showing on the Mainnet. I also had to recoup my wallet with my seed phrase and I don’t think I was hacked. thank you in advance for any help.


Check your balance on (copy one address from receive section and paste it on cardanoscan)
If there everything is fine perhaps you will need to restore the wallet; sometimes it happens to not show the right amount.


Thank you. I checked several addresses and they show 0 ada. I will restore wallet again and see what happens. If I was hacked, shouldn’t there be a outgoing transaction at least?

If your wallet was compromised, you would see an outgoing transaction yes.

Do you have a receiving address to post here so that we might can check?

I have a bunch of receiving address and one stake address where my rewards were being sent.
This is one of the receiving address that shows 0 on I have checked most.
Last transaction noted was 3/12/2022.
Thank you.

Yes, that account does only have 28 ADA in it.
But, looking at the transaction history, it never had much more.
Each time you put some more in, you moved them further minutes later.

Looking a bit further at the transactions, it does look like you put SUNDAE and ADA into a liquidity pool and then staked the LP tokens received for that in farming. Twice.

That would mean that this is most probably not a Daedalus wallet, at least not a wallet used exclusively in Daedalus, since all(?) DEXes where you can provide liquidity require a dApp connection and Daedalus just cannot do that.

If you had voting power in Catalyst Fund 10, this also means that you got to have another wallet somewhere, since this one definitely had no voting power in Fund 10. It has been way below the 500 ADA minimum for many months.

You may want to just restore any seed phrases that you find anywhere in some wallet app – maybe not the Daedalus resource hog, but something like Eternl or Typhon – to get an overview over your wallets.

This makes no sense; I had 28000 plus back in May when I installed the last version of daedalus. I have been staking for over a year and had over 1000 ADA in rewards. How can it have just disappeared with no trace?

That probably just was a different wallet than the one you/we are looking at now.

Yes, I had sent some ADA to sundae swap but had over 28000 in my daedulus wallet back in May. Do you know how I can see the wallet that is shows connected to in the catalyst fund voting app? Thank you.

This one looks like the one you describe:

It is the one from which the other got the SUNDAE to play around with the liquidity pools. And it is registered for voting with Catalyst (although it won’t get rewards, since there was no reregistration done prior to Fund 10).

You have to find the seed phrase. (Or maybe, it is still imported in Daedalus and you just have to switch to another wallet?)

Wow. Yes it does look like you are right. I remember changing the staking pools to the ones that are showing. Next question then. I have a pass phrase that I used when installing the new version of Daedalus. Still does not explain why it is not showing. I also have a pass phrase for sundae swap. I will try using that in daedalus under adding a new wallet. Does this make sense. This other passphrase is the only other one created in dealing with Cardano. What are your thoughts on this

Just entered in the other pass phrase and is now synching. Fingers crossed right now and will update you when it is done. I have no idea what you did but I am gratefully for the help.

Did it sync completely?

I’d like to stress again that you don’t need to use Daedalus. Other wallet apps as listed on work with the same seed phrases, don’t need hundreds of GiB storage and show you the wallets/accounts in seconds.

Thank you HeptaSean. It worked. I had not synched in a long time and just chose the wrong wallet passphrase which I confess not remembering set up. I will change wallets for staking now because the node is just way too large. Thank again. Thank you

Yes. It took awhile but all good now. Will be changing wallets since I had to transfer/delete too many gigs of storage for the new version of daedulus and ling that one to a staking pool.

Great one….