ADA payment acceptance

How I can accept ADA payment in my website?

Currently I have Paypal and Stripe as payment gateways installed in my webshop.

The scripts installed with these payment gateways make sure that my product is automaticly released after a succesful payment.

I’m aware of Ada Pay provided by Goti but that is also a payment gateway provider.

What I like to see is a script for my webshop which triggers the release of my product after the correct amount for this product is send to my Ada wallet.
I was thinking of a seperate Ada wallet for each product.

I read about a guy who was trying to do this in combination with Shopify but I never heard about any updates for a while so that initiave might be dead. Especialy with an Cardano stable coin on the horizon this would be very atractive not only for me but many other webshop operators.

Paypal and Stripe will send an Ok to my webshop to trigger automatic release of my product. In this case I think we need something where a script installed in my webshop scans the consumer wallet on the blockchain to check if a succesful payment was made to my wallet.

Any ideas?