ADA Redemption


Hi and thank you for the warm welcome. I’m new to cryptocurrency and ADA seems pretty good. So far i have downloaded and installed Daedalus and created a wallet. Now i’d like to redeem my ADA but it seems i require a certificate of some sort, please where can I get this? Thanks


Hi Tiana,

You can ignore the redemption certificate when setting up your wallet. This part is only for those who participated in the original voucher sale.


Thank for your response. Please how can I put coins in my wallet? I have bitcoins i’ll like to convert to ADA.


Hi Tiana,

You can purchase ADA at an available exchange like Binance or Bittrex (full list). You would first deposit your bitcoin at the exchange. Then purchase ADA with the bitcoin. Finally, withdraw the ADA from the exchange to your Daedalus wallet address.

I hope that’s helpful.