Not sure if this is the correct way to “Introduce Myself,” but I am new and having a problem with Daedalus: IT asks for a certificate, but I can’t find one anywhere.


if you are using windows there should be a ‘build-certificates-win64.bat’ file inside program files/Daedalus, can you run that with admin permissions? and then relaunch the application.


Giving it a try…Thanks!


The Redeem certificate option when you open Daedalus is for investors from the presale only (which I suppose you are not).

It’s best to ignore it.


No, I bought in the presale…my ADA are on Bittrex. Should I move them to Daedalus?


Are you sure you bought during the presale in Japan from 2015 to early 2017? Anyway, in both cases yes it’s best to move them to Daedalus. Do not hesitate if you have any question :slight_smile:


Sorry, my mistake…That was another ICO. I bought the ADA through Bitrex a few weeks ago.


OK, I sent them to my wallet…how long does it usually take for the coins to show up there?


Perfect! Up to 2mn in general? It is pretty fast! :slight_smile: