Just introducing myself

Hi I’m Seun from the UK.

Hi Seun, I am Scott from across the pond in the US.

hi Seun!

Welcome here from Italy!

Hi all - I’m Todd from the U.S. After some trial and error I’ve been able to transfer some ADA from Binance into my Daedalus wallet. However, I’m not sure how to redeem ADA. The wallet video mention a certificate that I should have downloaded somewhere from the website, or a certificate that was e-mailed to me. I do not recall seeing an opportunity to download a certificate, nor was one e-mailed to me. What am I missing? I plan on buying and holding ADA for some time but I’d like to know the process for cashing out. Can someone please advise.

Cheers - Todd

Hi Todd

The certificate is an option for presale purchasers only, so those who bought in Japan I believe over the past two years, if you are a new buyer like me the cert option wont apply.