From Bittrex to Daedalus!



I love how fast the transfer was, nd i also love how they designed the wallet also if i dont exactly now what the redemption tab means for me/us, can maybe someone explain it to me.

thank u! :slight_smile:


Hi. I am wondering about the same question all day today. Downloaded the wallet and stuck at the certificate redemption part. I have no idea where to get the certificate redemption key .


Certificate redemption is for people in Asia who were able to buy in early. As I understand it, they were given certificates in place of the coins while the wallet was still in development. In future it will probably be used for paper wallets, but thatโ€™s just my guess.


I believe that tab is for those that participated in the ICO in Japan. I just ignore it.


yeah toddy u right i googled a bit about that, nd found a video where it was explained!
i wish i was earlier in to it but hey we gained 140% last day, what a beautiful start, i hope i want fall back again