I never received certificate and redemption code on brandnew wallet, what to do

I never received certificate and redemption code, is it possible to receive an new one, or where to find it.
I need it to redeem my ADA on just installed wallet.
Thanks for your help.

Hello @Basio,

Certificates and Redemption Code are for investors from the pre-sale in Japan from 2015-2017.
Unless you are one of those investors, it’s best to just ignore it.

You can create your own wallet by hitting the "+Create " button :slight_smile:

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Thanks CosmosX,

I was hoping that it would go that direction, the wallet did look already ok to me.
So, great, many thanks and all the best for 2018

You’re welcome, best wishes for 2018 to you too!

Hi Cosmos. first -happy 2018!
since it looks like you know about Daedalus I have a question on this topic as well; I have created my wallet, received the link to transfer the ADA, inserted it into Binance, ADA were transfered, yet Daedalus still asks me for the " redemption key" or a certificate… any help, advice maybe?
thanks in advance

Hello @Joze71,

Happy New Year to you too!

Looks like my reply to Basio above also applies to you :slight_smile: