ADA sent to YOROI wallet not showing up in balance but it says confirmed on coinbase

Can anyone please help me with this. I sent some ADA from my coinbase account into my newly created YOROI wallet and it still hasn’t shown up as available balance in my wallet. Could this be because of an increase in activity with crypto? It has been around 8 hours+ now and I have verified that it is the correct most recent address on the wallet as well so this isn’t making any sense to me. PLEASE HELP!

Thank You!

I’m having the same issue, sent two different purchases today from Coinbase to Yorori wallet. The quantity is showing in my staking pool but not the Yorori wallet.

Yeah it seems to be having some kind of delay today for some reason. Something big must be happening. Appreciate the heads up, it’s good to know that I’m not alone.

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Yeah, have patience… your funds will be visible soon

Just curious to know if your issue was solved. I had some delays seeing the transaction completed in the past (in Daedalus) but usually no more than a couple of minutes.

Should be fine… did u refreshed the app?