ADA Tipper for Reddit and Twitter

I noticed a couple of days ago that on reddit (in r/cardano) some guy was tipping people with XRP. It seems like when he replied with “+2.5 /u/xrptipbot” it sends that person a private message and they can claim that XRP which gets sent to their wallet.

Personally I thought that was pretty neat.

So I did a bit of research, and I guess I have not been paying attention, but these things have been around for a while (years!), not only for Reddit, but also for Twitter (and some other platforms I do not have much interest in).

The XRP scheme is very nice, they have a website I have not tried it, but it looks like you make an account and deposit a small amount for tipping and you are good to go.

I looked around for the ADA equivalent, but there doesn’t seem to be anything live. Someone was working on something here: but they seem to have stopped with it, or at least decided not to put it live.

I’m wondering what’s the deal? The ADA tipbot isn’t live and the XRP bot isn’t used much… Do people just not like the idea of tipbots? IDK maybe people find them tacky. Maybe reddit frowns on them. Maybe there is a good technical reason why doing this or using this is not smart. Please inform me!

  • Tipbots are yesterday’s fad, move on already.
  • Reddit/Twitter bans them on sight.
  • It’s a scam, the website robs you.
  • Great idea, no moon without tipbot.

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